In this tutorial, we will explain How to add SSH Key on VPS2Day Panel.

An SSH key is an access credential in the SSH protocol. Its function is similar to that of user names and passwords, but the keys are primarily used for automated processes and for implementing single sign-on by system administrators and power users. Contents. An SSH key is an authentication credential.

Step 1 – Log In

Go to VPS2day site and log in to your account.

If you don’t have an account, you can register by following this link.

Step 2 – Generate SSH Key

To generate an SSH Key you need to download Putty Key Generator from this link.

After downloading, open Puttygen.

Select your parameters and click on Generate button.

You can generate some randomness by moving the mouse over this area.

Move the mouse until is completed.

Now copy the Public key or save it by clicking the Save public key button.

Step 3 – Add SSH key

Once you have generated the SSH Key go to Panel and open Account>SSH Keys to add an SSH Key.

After, enter the name of ssh key and paste the key that you generated below.

Click on Add SSH Public Key button.

SSH Public Key has been added and can now be used for new installations.

You can use your SSH Key on this field when you create a new server.