In this tutorial, we will explain How to install VestaCP on CentOS.

Vesta Control Panel is an Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel with premium features, minimalistic, safe and light. Vesta uses latest and greatest versions and depending on available system resources it delivers optimized configuration for Low/Medium/High RAM server types. It’s free to change, modify and redistribute the source code.


You will need:

  • A VPS Starter plan running CentOS

Step 1 – Prepare for installation

To install VestaCP, first, you need to install some packages that are needed for VestaCP.

First, update your system:

yum update

After, install curl command:

yum install curl

Step 2 – Install VestaCP

Now its time to install VestaCP. First download installation script:

curl -O

Run the installation script:


The following software will be installed in your system for VestaCP. Enter y to continue installation.

Type your email address and hit Enter.

Type hostname and hit Enter

The installation will take about 15 minutes…

Step 3 – Login

At the end of the installation you will get control panel URL, username and password. Use them to access VestaCP.

Now open the browser, go to control panel URL: https://your_ipaddress:8083.

Login with details that you get at the end of the installation.

You have successfully installed VestaCP on CentOS.

Enjoy it.