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Frequently Asked Questions & Tutorials
Unfortunately we had to disable all Windows versions for the smallest "VPS START" due to technical problems because the minimum system requirements of Windows was higher than the performance of the small VPS system and thus resulted in regular crashes. If you would like to use Windows, we would ask you to reserve a larger VPS. 
We offer two types of installation: For the beginners among you, we offer automatic installation, which is not available for all operating systems. For the experts among you, we offer manual installation, where you can install the operating system according to your requirements. 
Yes, simply open a ticket for this and our support team will help you with your problem. 
We can help you with any technical problems around the server. We ask for your understanding that we have to charge you for customising and configuring individual server settings or for Remote Hands if necessary. For more information please contact our support team.
We are sorry that your desired OS is not included. We always try to offer the best service to our customers, so please contact our support team and we will see if there is anything we can do for you.

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