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Frequently Asked Questions & Tutorials
Yes, we support IPv6 at all locations. If you need an IPv6 IP address, just submit a ticket so we can assign you an IPv6 address. However, you have to carry out the configuration on your own. 
Currently you can comfortably reserve up to 3 additional IP addresses per VPS through our interface.
All servers are innately equipped with a 100 Mbit / s connection. If you need a fast line, you can upgrade the connectivity of your VPS to 1000 Mbit / s at an extra cost. 
We keep it simple: The first 2 TB of traffic each month are included. We reserve the right to throttle the bandwidth of individual VPS types above 2 TB. If you need additional traffic, do contact our support team. There are at no times additional costs.
Yes, you just have to enter the name server directly into the network settings of your VPS. For this you will find instructions for each operating system on the internet.
You can set rDNA entries conveniently via your customer interface . Please note that we do for example check and confirm all entries manually for reasons of spam prevention. There may be a waiting time of up to 24 hours until a rDNA entry becomes active.
Unfortunately, we currently have no backup solution, but we are working hard on it and believe that we can offer a solution for our customers by the end of 2016.
You can take a look at the list of available operating systems on our features page.
You can comfortably install and use your VPS via mouse and keyboard over our web console. For continuous work, we suggest you activate SSH (Linux) or Remote Desktop (RDP, Windows) on your server, as this clearly offers more comfort. For this you will find instructions for each operating system on the internet.

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