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Protect your privacy with a dedicated IP VPN server.

Hide your IP address in less than 90 seconds. Deploy your dedicated VPN and gain unrestricted internet access.

Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address, absolutely non-shared
Full server access via SSH to manage log files & more
Unblocked internet access with up-to-date GeoIP
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Premium VPN Server

Everything you need to protect your privacy. Surf fast and secure immediately.
from 5€ / month
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Instant provisioning

Easy Installation

After your VPN has been provisioned you’ll be provided with a QR code to import the client config within seconds.

Privacy First

Each of our VPN services will be a dedicated virtual private server. We’ve no access to any logs or the operating system.

GeoIP Information

Our VPN helps you move your physical location to another country. Gain access to restricted services and websites.

More than 1 User?

No problem! Since our VPN services are based on a VPS you can add more users and share the VPN with your family and friends.

What is a dedicated IP VPN?

Common VPN providers are using a single public IP address for thousands of users. This might have impact towards IP reputation and its GeoIP information. VPS2day’s VPN services will come with a dedicated IP address instead.
Dedicated IP VPN, Security Status Protected

Why choose a dedicated IP VPN?

Our VPN services will be deployed exclusively, each VPN service will have its own dedicated public IPv4 and IPv6 address.

Reduces CAPTCHAs

Sharing connectivity with thousands of users will decrease your IPs reputation. Using a dedicated IP address lowers the chances to be seen as a VPN customer.

Avoids IP blocklists

Owning a dedicated IPv4/IPv6 address reduces the risk of being blacklisted somewhere. You’ve full control over all client activities and therefore could avoid such listings.

Eases transactions

From trading in UK to watching television in Switzerland, there are plenty of use cases where you’ll need a domestic internet connection.

Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

Still not convinced? Compare our dedicated IP VPN services to shared IP providers.
Dedicated IPShared IP
Distinct and exclusive IP address
Same IP for each connection
Access to IP-restricted Networks
Privacy and Security
Seamless Online Transactions
Prevent denylisting and potential IP Bans
Reduced CAPTCHAs and other distractions

Our dedicated IP VPN locations

Select from 9 different VPN server locations in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Romania, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain and the USA.
VPS Hosting Germany
VPS Hosting Netherlands
The Hague
VPS Hosting United Kingdom
United Kingdom
VPS Hosting Romania
VPS Hosting Sweden
VPS Hosting Switzerland
Canton Zug
VPS Hosting Estonia
VPS Hosting United States
Dallas, TX

VPN Applications for every use case

We offer several VPN solutions, so you can easily choose between Outline, Wireguard®, OpenVPN and Mikrotik RouterOS. Ready in 90 seconds — instantly connect all devices.


Outline stands out with its innovative technology that secures your connection regardless of your location. Effortlessly bypass censorship and geoblocking, and gain access to all content without restrictions. Encryption of your online activities guarantees your anonymity.

Recommended for beginners
Safe & Secure
Geoblocking protection
Download Wireguard® App
WireGuard Application

Wireguard® VPN

Wireguard is a free VPN solution suitable for beginners and professionals. After installation you will find your login credentials along with a QR code to scan in our panel so you can start immediately.

Recommended for beginners
Safe & Secure
Easy Setup / QR-Code
Download Wireguard® App
OpenVPN Application

Open VPN

OpenVPN is an established open-source VPN solution. In addition to normal end devices, you can also set up a permanent VPN tunnel with OpenVPN and thus interconnect entire locations.

Safe & Secure
Ready in under 3 minutes
Easy Setup / Config
Download Wireguard® App
Mikrotik RouterOS

Mikrotik RouterOS

Mikrotik RouterOS is a licensed software VPN solution that was developed for enterprise use. This VPN solution is designed for site-to-site VPN solutions and is recommended to be chosen by professionals.

Safe & Secure
Ready in 3 minutes
Recommended for experts
Download Wireguard® App

Get your dedicated IP VPN Server

We offer a variety of VPN solutions. Once you have selected a VPN software and location, your dedicated VPN will be ready within just 90 seconds.

VPN Step 1 - Signup
Sign up for your dedicated IP VPN server.
VPN Step 2 - Select Location
Choose from 9 different locations.
VPN Step 3 - Select VPN Application
Easily install your VPN server application.
VPN Step 4 - Scan QR Code
Configure your client VPN app and browse secure.

Frequently asked questions

A dedicated IP is exclusively assigned to a single User or website. It provides a unique online address, enhancing security and reliability. On the other hand, a shared IP is used by multiple Users on the same server. It’s a cost-effective option but can pose risks if a neighboring User misuses the IP.

Using a dedicated IP VPN server is advisable when you prioritize enhanced security, reliable access to websites, and a consistent online reputation. Dedicated IPs are ideal for business purposes, including remote work, secure communication, and e-commerce, where reliability and trust are paramount. On the other hand, shared VPN services offer cost-effective solutions that suit most users’ needs. The choice between dedicated and shared IPs depends on your specific security and access requirements.

Dedicated IP VPNs may offer more consistent performance since you’re the sole user of the IP. Shared VPNs can slow down during peak usage because multiple users share the same IP and resources. However, some shared VPNs are well-optimized and can be just as fast as dedicated ones.

We offer various payment methods for your convenience. Choose from Credit Card, PayPal, Paysafecard, BitCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and over 70 other cryptocurrencies. Your preferred payment option is just a click away.

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Take control of your security and get a dedicated IP VPN server

Dedicated IP Address (non-shared)
Outline, OpenVPN, WireGuard®, Mikrotik RouterOS
Private & Isolated Server
No-Log policy by default
All Available Locations
Premium VPN Server
Premium VPN Server
Everything you need to get started and protect your privacy.
from 5€ / month
100% Prepaid, no contracts
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