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Our easy and fast server deployment allows you to be up and running in 90 seconds. Experience full customizability and a seamless hosting experience.

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Crafted for performance and reliability — explore our flexible and cost-effective VPS hosting solutions with an unrivaled feature set.

Backups & Snapshots

Depending on the storage technology used, we offer either full backups or snapshots per location. Your server will have access to one of these options. One backup or snapshot slot is included in the price of your server. Additional slots can be purchased for an additional fee.

No performance loss, even at peak loads

With our scalable infrastructure, you can adjust your server performance to your needs at any time. In just a few clicks, you can double your CPU and RAM performance and easily handle even short term peak loads. If you no longer need the additional performance, you can simply cancel it.

Full flexibility with server upgrades

Our server upgrades allow you to flexibly adapt your server capacity to your needs. You can start with a small server and upgrade it to a larger server as needed. This is a great way to expand your server capacity without worrying about hidden costs or technical limitations.

IP change feature to protect your privacy

With our IP address change feature, you can easily and quickly change the IP address of your server. This may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as when you are implementing a new security policy or simply want to protect your privacy.

Private Layer-2 Networks

As we employ a self-developed Software Defined Networks (SDN) solution, we offer the possibility to establish private Layer-2 networks between your servers at a single location. By implementing these private networks, you can isolate your servers and build a secure cloud environment.

Affordable and secure storage expansion

When you require additional persistent storage, you can easily add it through our Object Storage with just a few clicks, seamlessly attaching it to your server. This allows you to store large volumes of data and expand capacity as needed.

All of our VPS include

Crafted for performance and reliability — explore our flexible and cost-effective VPS hosting solutions with an unrivaled feature set.

< 5 minutes

You will be ready to access your Virtual Private Server in under 5 minutes after the order process.

Root access

We don’t restrict access to your server. You have full root access and can install install any application.

App Installation

We provide a wide range of pre-installed software. Install it diretly on your server with just one click.

Scale up & down

If you need more resources, you can extend the server performance with a click of a button.

Backups & Snapshots

Don’t take any risk of data loss and create backups and snapshots before the maintenance of your server.

99.9% Availability

Reliable service with minimal downtime, ensuring your online presence remains consistently accessible.

Highest Security

We offer advanced security measures and protocols to safeguard your data and operations.

Data Protection

We are prioritizing privacy and security to ensure your data remains safe and protected with us.

Gbit/s Connection

High-speed network connectivity for seamless data transfer and super fast server performance.

Support 24/7

Round-the-clock assistance from our server experts, ensuring prompt help when you really need it.

Easy Admin Panel

An intuitive custom admin control interface for easy server management and configuration.

Prepaid Payment

Eliminates monthly billing concerns, offering peace of mind and simplifying your financial management.

Deploy your favourite app in under 90 seconds

We offer a wide range of Linux and Windows based distributions as well as a large amount of one-click applications right at your fingertip.
Windows Operating System


Windows trial version is suitable for customers who need a remote desktop and thus want to work natively at another location.

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Ubuntu Operating System


The beginner’s Linux that is suitable for all purposes. Ubuntu has become one of the most popular operating systems in recent years.

Get Ubuntu VPS
Debian Operating System


The universal operating system in the Linux world. Debian is developed for all purposes, but is mainly used by experienced users.

Get Debian VPS
centOS Operating System


An operating system for enterprise environments that aims to provide full binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Get CentOS VPS
Mikrotik Router OS Operating System

Mikrotik Router

RouterOS requires a license and is only suitable for experts who want to set up their own network or complex VPN solutions.

Get Mikrotik VPS
NixOS Operating System


NixOS offers a functional approach to system management that enables reproducible and rollback-safe configurations.

Oracle Linux Operating System

Oracle Linux

A platform with optimized performance, security and support for Oracle applications and databases.

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Adding more…

We are continuously adding new operating systems to ensure a seamless and evolving user experience.

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NextCloud Application


Nextcloud allows you to create your own cloud storage solution to store files to store, collaborate and communicate

Get Nextcloud VPS
Wireguard Application

Wireguard® VPN

WireGuard is an open-source VPN protocol that offers easy configuration and strong security for all common end devices.

Wireguard® VPS
OpenVPN Application


OpenVPN is a robust and versatile open-source VPN solution, ensuring secure and encrypted connections for remote access.

Docker Application


Docker enables applications to be isolated and deployed in lightweight, standardized containers.

Get Docker VPS
Lamp Stack Application


LAMP, comprising Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, powers versatile web applications, from blogs and e-commerce sites to dynamic web services.

Get Lamp VPS
Rancher Application


A container and Kubernetes cluster management platform that facilitates the deployment and management of applications in a container.

Get Rancher VPS
k3s Application


K3s is a lightweight, easy-to-install Kubernetes distribution designed for resource-constrained environments and simplified deployment.

Get k3s VPS
Rocket.Chat Application


User-friendly team collaboration platform, fostering communication and productivity, with straightforward setup and customization.

Rocket.Chat VPS
hestiaCP Application


HestiaCP streamlines web hosting via an intuitive panel, optimizing server management and simplifying administration.

Get hestiaCP VPS
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Adding more…

We are always evolving and add new one-click applications to ensure an intuitive and fast experience.

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Powerful VPS hosting panel

Unleash the power of your VPS with our intuitive hosting panel! Effortlessly manage your virtual server with our user-friendly, feature-packed interface.
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Easily Order New Servers

Easily obtain your VPS. Our straightforward order process makes it simple to deploy your virtual server.

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Virtual Server Overview

Gain full control of your server’s performance, resource usage, and configurations, all in one convenient location.

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Upgrade Your Server

Seamlessly scale resources and accommodate growth, ensuring your server always meets your evolving needs.

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Server Health Status

Stay Informed on Server Health – Monitor performance metrics, CPU utilization, and more for peak hosting insights.

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