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We have gathered a detailed list for your of all of our hosting product prices and server upgrades so you can easily compare — we love transparency.

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Our Server + Upgrade Prices

Our clear VPS server pricing structure with all available upgraded. You need more power? Within a few clicks you can add more vCPUs and memory and additional volumes to meet your changing needs.

Upgrade or downgrade any time

100% Prepaid, no contracts

No hidden fees or setup costs

VPS Server Pricing / VPN Server Pricing

ProductCoresMemorySSD StorageBandwidthPrice
VPS Start11 GB25 GB2 TB5,00€ / m
VPS Basic22 GB50 GB4 TB10,00€ / m
VPS Premium44 GB100 GB6 TB20,00€ / m
VPS Enterprise68 GB250 GB8 TB40,00€ / m

You can upgrade to a different plan at any time.

VPS IPv6-Only Server Pricing

ProductCoresMemorySSD StorageBandwidthPrice
VPS Start IPv6-Only11 GB25 GB2 TB3,00€ / m
VPS Basic IPv6-Only22 GB50 GB4 TB8,00€ / m
VPS Premium IPv6-Only44 GB100 GB6 TB16,00€ / m
VPS Enterprise IPv6-Only68 GB250 GB8 TB32,00€ / m

You can upgrade to a different plan at any time.

Optional Server Upgrades

Gigabit UpgradeUpgrade / Downgrade10,00€ / m
+1 Additional Backup-SlotUpgrade / Downgrade1,00€ / m
+1 TB Additional Traffic2,00€ / m
+5 TB Additional Traffic10,00€ / m
+10 TB Additional Traffic20,00€ / m
+1 GB SSD Disk SpaceUpgrade up to 1000 GB SSD Disk Space0,30€ / m
+1 CPU Core UpgradeUpgrade / Downgrade5,00€ / m
+1 GB RAM UpgradeUpgrade / Downgrade3,00€ / m

Over 75 payment methods and fully prepaid

We try to offer our customers a wide range of payment options and all of that without a contract period — with a fully flexible prepaid payment system.

We work without a contract period and instead rely on a flexible prepaid system. You have full control over your server usage and are not tied to longterm contracts.